Small Animal Services

We understand that your furry and feathered companions are more than just pets – they’re cherished members of your family. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing outstanding care and services, ensuring they live happy, healthy lives.

Pet Surgery Services

Dr. Donald Thompson is an excellent surgeon, drawing upon over 30 years of experience.

​Sterilization Surgeries

We provide basic spay and neuter surgeries with our CO2 surgical laser, resulting in shorter post-operative recovery time and less pain and swelling!

​​​​Laser Surgical Services

Elk Park Animal Hospital performs all of our soft tissue surgical procedures utilizing one of the only surgical lasers in Southwestern Colorado. The laser seals nerve endings, small blood vessels, and lymphatic tissues, which means shorter post-operative recovery time and less pain. The laser can evaporate small warts and lumps and can even be used to shorten extremely long toenails.

​​Orthopedic Surgeries

While Elk Park Animal Hospital integrates pharmaceutical and Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate musculoskeletal discomfort, surgical options can be unavoidable. Elk Park Animal Hospital is here for you in those situations, offering various orthopedic surgeries. Call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson today to see what he can do to help your pet.

surgery suite

Pet Grooming

Here at Elk Park Animal Hospital, making Fluffy, well, fluffy is one of the services we offer, and offering essential grooming services, from nail trims to baths and brushing and simple shaves. Making your little animal ready for the runway is something we strive for.

Pet Dental Care Services

Does your pet’s breath make you want to leave the room? Elk Park Animal Hospital can help you with that, offering full dental cleanings as well as extractions. Come talk to us about our dental products that can help keep your pet’s teeth looking pearly white and how to best care for your pet’s teeth to avoid an anesthetic procedure.